• Reteach/Retest Policy

    • When 30% or more fail a major exam that counts toward 40% of a student's grade, the teacher will reteach/retest. The higher grade will be recorded.
    • When less than 30% of a class has failed any major examination, individual students must be provided the opportunity to make-up or redo the assessment for which the student received a failing grade. The teacher will provide an opportunity for re-teaching prior to retesting. A student shall receive a 70 if mastery is demonstrated.
    • A teacher will allow individual students to make-up or redo any assignments they have failed within three days of the date the failing grade is entered in the electronic grade book or the end of the nine weeks, whichever is sooner. The student will be required to participated in tutorials, redo/revise the assignment, complete an alternate assignment, or any other reasonable assignment during the school day. A student shall receive a 70 if mastery is demonstrated.

     District Testing

    • District formative and diagnostic instruments will not be taken for a grade.
    • Writing diagnostics will count as a daily grade in the Daily Assignments category.

     Number of Grades

    • Teachers are expected to record a minimum of two grades from either grading category per week in each content area.

     Grading Categories

    • Tests/Major Projects/Quizzes - 40% (minimum of 2 per nine weeks)
    • Daily Assignments - 60% (minimum of 1 per week in each content area)
    • Homework will still be given but it will not be included in a student's grade

     Grading Expectations:  Students are expected to complete homework 4 nights a week.  Assignments and Tests that receive a grade 69% or less may be corrected for a grade of 71%.

    Zero vs. Missing: A “zero” for assignments which the student turned in and earned a grade of zero%.  A “missing” for assignments which the student has not turned in the assignment.  Both zero and missing average as a zero in the students grading average.

    Late Work Policy

    • Late assignments will be accepted 3 days from the assignment due date or at the end of the nine weeks, whichever is sooner.


    • Current grade reports will be online in Parent Portal every three to four weeks so you can stay informed.



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