• Grading Policy:  Student grades are divided into two categories: Daily Work 60% and Projects/Tests/Quizzes 40%. Students work should be a reflection of their work in the classroom.  Students are well prepared for these assessments.

     Take Home Folders: Students will receive a blue folder with their name on it. Graded papers and information from the school/teacher will be put in here.  Please check this folder daily.  If something needs to be signed and returned to school, please put it in the Take Home Folder. 

    Homework Policy:  Students will receive a purple homework folder with their name on it.  Homework will be placed in folders on Monday and is due back on Friday.

           *Reading-Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes each night. Please log on the homework packet.

    Absences/Tardies/Leaving Early Policy:
    Students must be in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days school is in session in order to receive credit for the school year. If students do not meet this requirement, only an official attendance committee can consider grade level advancement or credit reinstatement (EI Legal).
    Students arriving after 7:30 AM are considered tardy and must check in through the office where they will receive a tardy slip.  Continued tardiness will be brought to the attention of the parents and documented in Parent Center. The following steps will be followed for students tardy to school each semester.  

    3rd tardy Written warning; students with perfect attendance and three or more tardies will not be recognized at the honor assemblies

    5th tardy After school detention assigned; student’s ability to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as choir and Safety Patrol, may be affected

    7th tardy After school detention.  Continued tardiness will result in disciplinary consequences.

    Please send a parent note or medical excuse for any absence upon return.    Students who are absent three consecutive days must bring an excuse from a physician.  After 10 absences medical documentation must be provided for any subsequent absences.  Students who are not present 90% of the school year will not be promoted to the next grade level.  Please refer to the district student handbook for specific information on policies regarding absences and tardies.