• Grades

    Students earn their music grades through class participation and discussion, using the

    musical supplies/instruments correctly, and using the music skills and vocabulary they

    have been learning in class. They are graded on their effort and mastery of new skills

    after several opportunities to practice. Grades are based on teacher observation at this

    level.....Students show what they know! Singing, Class discussions, playing instruments,

    movement activities, listening exercises are some examples of what takes place. Music

    grades are affected when students choose not to participate in a portion of the activity

    that they should be working on.

    The Grades used are: Alpha Grade


    JISD Standard Clarifying Statements


    "E" Excellent Achievement

    Indicates mastery of grade-level content above that

    normally expected of a student at the same

    instructional level. ---Advanced Development

    Students show advanced mastery of music content above

    what is normally expected, participates 100% in every

    activity without hesitation, and uses correct music vocabulary

    every music class.


    "S" Satisfactory Achievement

    Indicates mastery of grade-level content normally

    expected for the student’s instructional level.

    –Developing as Expected

    Student is on track with mastery of the music concepts

    normally expected at the grade level, participated in most

    class activities, and correctly demonstrates music skills most

    of the time. Most students are at this level.


    “N” Achievement Needs Improvement

    Student does not yet meet expectations for mastery

    of grade level content in one or more areas. (The

    teacher must include a comment that best describes

    the area of concern.) –More Development Needed

    Student doesn’t show mastery of one or more skills or

    refuses to participate.


    “U” Unsatisfactory Achievement

    Indicates failure to perform at the expected

    instructional level. (The teacher must include a

    comment that best describes the area of concern.)

    –More Development Needed

    Student fails to perform at the instructional level or refuses

    to participate.


    Specials class grades use a different scale than the regular "core" subjects.

    A number grade is shown in Parent Center until the report card is created. Then the

    number grade turns into an Alpha Scale grade of Excellent Achievement (90-100%) - E,

    Satisfactory (80-89%) - S, Needs Improvement (70-79%) - N, Unsatisfactory (69% and

    below) - U. The number equivalent is set by the District and can be misleading in classes

    that use an Alpha Scale – E, S, N, U.

    Children who receive an "S" or 80-89% are right on track within their grade level in Music

    Class and does not indicate a problem.

    All "A" Honor Roll and "AB" Honor Roll are not affected by their music grade since "E", "S",

    "N", and "U" are used.