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    Club Leaders:
    Eliron Rosin, President
    Richard Lujan, Vice President
    Cynder Postel, Secretary
    Erich Memolo, Treasurer
    Bradley Sengele, Parliamentarian 
    Christopher Carrillo, Reporter

    The Cyber Patriots Club trains and competes in information technology, cybersecurity, and professional skills competitions with the Air Force Association's CyberPatriot, SkillsUSA, and Business Professionals of America. Competitions include being tasked with finding and fixing security vulnerabilities while maintaining critical services; the installation and configuration of operating systems and technical computer applications; and professional job skills such as resume writing, career demonstration, portfolio creation, and interviewing.

    The Cyber Patriots Club is open to all students at Veterans Memorial High School.

    Cyber Patriot Club Sponsor: Mr. Bailey
    email: jbailey@judsonisd.org