Rules & Policies

  • Book Checkout

    Second through Fifth grade students are allowed to check out two library books. Kindergarten and 1st grade students are allowed to check out one book. PK students will be checking out one book a little later in the year. The majority of Kindergarten and PreK students will be keeping their books in their classrooms. This is a classroom teacher's decision. 

    Time Period

    Books are loaned for a two-week period. Overdue books must be returned or renewed before a student can checkout another book(s).

    Book Fines

    Paschall Elementary does not charge a fine for late books. Lost books or books that are not returned will be charged. The replacement cost for a lost or non-returned book is accepted in the form of cash. You may also buy a book to replace the lost book, but it must be the exact title and binding (hardcover or paper) of the lost book. Your child will not be allowed to checkout a book until the replacement cost or replacement book is received.