Procedures & Expectations

  • Kitty Hawk Library expectations  Expectations during school day  Book and Computer expectations

    Students visiting the Library during the school day must:

    • have a signed Library Pass from their teacher
    • sign in and out of the Library using the Google Form 
    • return to class as soon as assignments are complete
    • follow KHMS rules & expectations

    Students visiting the Library before school & during lunch must:

    • sign in using the Before School or Lunch Google Form
    • stay the entire time during lunch (may not leave before the lunch bell)
    • leave food and drinks in backbacks
    • clean up all trash in area
    • push in chairs when leaving
    • behave in ways that does not disrupt others in the Library

    Check Out Procedures:

    • Students must have their KHMS issued ID to check out books
    • Students may check out up to 3 books
    • Books are checked out for 3 weeks (21 school days)
    • Book may be renewed for an additional 3 weeks

    Lost or Damaged Books:

    • Students must pay for lost books or books damaged beyond repair (Cash only is accepted for payment)
    • Student checkout may be limited until all overdue books are returned

    Computer Use:

    • Students completing class assignments or homework are given priority on computers
    • Computers may be used for personal use as long as the district's acceptable use policy is followed.
    • Downloading games or going to prohibited websites violates the acceptable use policy
    • Black and white printer is available for school assignments only