Employee Of The Month

  • Judson ISD individuals and community members are invited to nominate a JISD employee by filling out and submitting the nomination form. Paper forms are available and may be obtained by contacting the Communications Department either by email or by phone at 210-945-5410.

    The selection committee members will discuss each nomination reviewed and considered for this recognition by a standard rubric. The highest scoring nominee will be considered for the award. Once this is determined, we will verify with the candidate's supervisor that the employee is in good disciplinary standing in the department and therefore eligible for the award.

    Our Employee of the Month is sponsored by Jordan Ford!

March 2023 - Idalia Acosta-Pasten

  • “If a student is hungry, she feeds them. If a student is exhausted, she allows them to rest. If a student needs attention, she provides positive interactions with them.” This is what a colleague says about the March Employee of the Month, Idalia Acosta-Pasten.

    Ms. Acosta-Pasten is the Special Education Department Chair at Kirby Middle School. And while her colleagues have many wonderful things to say about what she does for them and for children, they also say that one of the things she does best is listen, listen and consider their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

    Acosta-Pasten is all about coming up with creative solutions to complicated challenges and helping others do the same. She is actively engaged in learning alongside her team especially when it comes to new technologies that enhance student learning and improve students’ quality of life. 

    She does all of this with a smile on her face. One that is as genuine, much like the one shared today as Interim Superintendent Dr. Rob Fields told her that she was the JISD March Employee of the Month!

    Thank you for all you do for students and staff at JISD, Ms. Acosta-Pasten, your efforts do not go unnoticed. 

    Thank you to Jordan Ford for sponsoring the JISD Employee of the Month. 

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