Employee Of The Month

  • Judson ISD individuals and community members are invited to nominate a JISD employee by filling out and submitting the nomination form. Paper forms are available and may be obtained by contacting the Communications Department either by email or by phone at 210-945-5410.

    The selection committee members will discuss each nomination reviewed and considered for this recognition by a standard rubric. The highest scoring nominee will be considered for the award. Once this is determined, we will verify with the candidate's supervisor that the employee is in good disciplinary standing in the department and therefore eligible for the award.

September - Ms. Clack

  • The start of a new school year is always an exciting and busy time. This year was no different for Converse Elementary as they began a new adventure in a year-round program. Having a short summer to prepare for the start of school Converse elementary principal, Ms. Davis, needed additional help making sure students were registered and ready to show up for the 1st day of school. 
    Ms. Clack requested to end her summer early and come back on contract and joined the Converse Elementary team at the start of our school year to assist with calling families to remind them of our early start date. Because of her determination to make this school year the best Ms. Clack ensured that families were ready to start the year , she answered phones non-stop, and she met everyone with a positive attitude.
    Today, we celebrate Ms. Clack and thank her for her dedication to the students at Converse elementary and families throughout the district as we honor her as the September Employee of the month. 

2020 - 2021 Employe Of The Month

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