• If you're into CONSOLE, PC, or NON-TRADTIONAL TABLETOP Gaming, This Club Is 4 You!

  • WHEN Does TheGamerGrp Meet?

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    Twice a Month. 

    4:30 - 5:30p

    Typically the 1st/3rd OR 2nd/4th TUESDAY.

     BUT when it gets busy around school, it'll be ONCE month.

    OR when time blue moon rises, THRICE.

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  • WHERE Does TheGamerGrp Meet?

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    A213B236, or B228

    BUT feel free to go to any room for a helpful reminder.

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  • What Are Some FUTURE Goals for TheGamerGrp?

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    -- Have Fundraisers to Buy Club-Owned Consoles and Games

    -- Do Joint Events with Other Clubs such as Fashion and Anime Club

    -- Take Weekend Fieldtrips to Local Conventions such as PAXSouth

    -- Host After-Hours Charity Lifestreams

    -- Conduct Gaming Tournments with Veterans and Judson

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  • Who are the CURRENT OFFICERS?

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    -- MasterChief Louis

    -- Paladin Rey

    -- Loot Master Devin

    -- Lore Keeper Ameir

    -- Tank Hammer Colin

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  • WHAT Does TheGamerGrp Do?

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    -- Hold In-ClubTournaments WITH Prizes

    -- Bring Your Own Game Team-Ups

    -- Support Student-Built Game Design

    -- Promote Student-Hosted Charity LIVEStreams (funding ABLEGAMERS and EXTRALife)

    -- Create Co-Ops in the Real World 

    -- Strengthen Lasting Friendships in DISCORD

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  • Who are the CURRENT SPONSORS?

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    Juliette Gentry, English

    Jason Villenela, Math

    Mitchell Billingsley, English 

    Philip Cuellar, English

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