General Rules

  • Campus Rules

    • Enter the classroom quietly and sit down in your assigned seat.  Students may not move desks.
    • No talking without permission.
    • Respect and treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Keep hands to self at all times.
    • Exit the classroom quietly in a single file line.
    • Remain in dress code at all times.

    Cafeteria Rules

    • Silent Lunch.  No talking.
    • Face forward at all times.
    • When finished with your lunch, raise your hand and wait for a cafeteria monitor to dispose of your lunch tray.
    • Clean your area.
    • Follow all Entry and Exit Procedures.

    Restroom Rules

    • Respect other's privacy.
    • Flush toilets.
    • Dispose of all paper and items properly in the trash can.
    • Wash your hands with soap and water.

    Hallway Rules

    • Silent transition to class. No talking.
    • Single file. Face forward at all times.
    • Walk on the right-hand side of the line.
    • Hands clasped behind your back.
    • Be prepared for instruction.

    JCARE Student Expectations

    Failure to abide by the rules designated by the Judson CARE Academy (JCARE) and those policies outlined in the current Judson ISD Code of Conduct may be cause for additional disciplinary action as determined by JCARE administration.

    During their term of assignment at JCARE, students are prohibited from being upon or within legal limits of any school district property, except that of the alternative school.  Students are further prohibited from attending or participating in any school-sponsored or school-related activity during the term of their assignment at alternative school.  

    The length of each student’s assignment to JCARE is determined by the District Hearing Officer.

    Students withdrawing from JCARE prior to completing their assigned time will be reassigned to JCARE to complete the assignment upon re-entry into Judson ISD. In the event that the student’s remaining time has been served in another disciplinary alternative school program, the JISD Director of Pupil Services may or may not waive this requirement.

    Dismissal from JCARE will be based upon the length or your assignment, attendance, and behavior.

    In order to ensure compliance with the Judson ISD Student Code of Conduct and specific JCARE rules, all students are subject to search as determined by administrators or police officers.  The search can include the use of a metal detection wand.