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Action Planning Committee

  • The Action Planning Committee that is composed of about 30 people that will review the beliefs, vision and mission statements and goals and create the action steps for the 5-year plan. The Action Planning Committee is a smaller group that is composed of district and school staff along with parents and community members.Action Planning Committee

    Action Planning Committee members must attend all four sessions.
    All meetings are from 8:30a-4:00p in the ERC Board Room.

    Dates for Action Planning Committee Meetings:

    • October 1st
    • October 2nd
    • October 9th
    • October 24th



    • Aida Nava, Human Resources
    • Daniel Martinez, SE Assistant Principal
    • Patricia Baker, Dyslexia Dept.
    • Johanna Vega, PVE Teacher
    • Marcie Stowell, WHMS Teacher
    • Jesus Hernandez, JHS Principal
    • Catherine Billingsley, KHMS Teacher
    • Sarah Schaff, WOE Parent
    • Patrick Resendis, JISD Officer
    • Theresa Beitel, CPE Assistant Principal
    • Cindy Elizondo, CPE Teacher
    • Nicole Taguinod, Director, Testing & Accountability
    • Cameron Madkins, WHMS Assistant Principal
    • Jamie Serna, CPE Teacher
    • Lucia West, JISD Employee
    • Monica Garcia, Director of Guidance of Counseling
    • Monica Ryan, Parent
    • Sonny Merrill, Community Member
    • Jacqueline King, Parent
    • Alicia Stewart,
    • Marco Garcia, Human Resources
    • William Atkins, Chief Financial Officer
    • Michael, Blackmon, PVE Teacher
    • Regina Davis-Miles, ESE Teacher
    • Jesse Hernandez, Technology
    • Pamela Arevalo-Thompson, VMHS Librarian
    • Melissa Boney, JMS Teacher
    • Rebecca Robinson, Deputy Superintendent
    • Milton Fields, Iii, Deputy Superintendent
    • Cecilia Davis , Asst. Supt. Curriculum