Judson Leadership in Education Administration Program (J-LEAP)

  • The Judson Leadership in Education Administration Program (J-LEAP), is the District's aspiring administrators' preparatory course and support system. The purpose of this cohort is to promote awareness of the District's leadership philosophy while making participants knowledgeable of the resources and assistance that Judson ISD has made accessible to administrators and leaders of learning communities within the District.

    Purpose of J-LEAP

    The purpose of J-LEAP is to promote the vision of the district, develop leadership capacity within Judson ISD to support the district’s success, and provide a resource for leadership input and involvement. We hope all employees of JISD consider applying for the cohort and become future leaders for JISD.

    Why Should You Be Part of J-LEAP

    We are excited to offer NEW and exciting learning sessions with some of the best in leadership topics. We will be able to allow participants to go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at leadership from different views. Monthly sessions will focus on specific areas of the district vision for future leaders in Judson ISD, including customer service, school culture, social justice, community partnerships, a book study and much more.  We hope that this program will encourage you to be future members of district committees and teams who make a difference in the school community as leaders, along with building a professional network of leaders in education for future endeavors.

    How often are the meeting?

    J-LEAP is organized into seven mandatory monthly meetings from 4:30PM - 6:00PM in the Education Resource Center (ERC) Board Room.


    Leadership participants will be recognized with a special certificate at a graduation ceremony, honoring each person for completing the Judson Leadership in Education Administration Program (J-LEAP). Only participants that meet all requirements will be recognized in the graduation.