• Clinic policy can be found in the student handbook.

    • Students with 100 degree or more temperature is considered fever and will be sent home. 
      The student should remain at home until they are fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT fever reducing medication.
    • Original copy of immunizations with month, date, year and validation must be presented at registration. If student does not have record or up-to-date immunization they will not be able to continue or register for school.  If student gets new immunizations, the new record must be presented to the clinic.
    • Medication at school must be in original container with specific instructions, name of student, physician, name of medication, dose and time.  A signed parent consent must also be signed.  Non-prescription medications will NOT be administered unless written instructions from a physician and signed parent consent are presented to clinic.
    • Please inform the clinic of any health problems/concerns so appropriate forms can be completed.  
    • School personnel will provide first aid for injuries/illness that occurs at school only. Injuries from home should be taken care of at home.
    • It is the parents responsibility to provide school with CURRENT phone numbers and emergency contact information.  If a parent cannot be reached for seriously ill or injured child the child will be transported by EMS and JISD does NOT assume any financial responsibility.
    • Dietary modifications require a special dietary from that must be filled out and signed by physician.  Dietary substitutions for preference, etc. are the responsibility of parent/guardian.
    • When a child does not feel well or has a minor injury he/she must get a clinic pass from their teacher.

    Health tips:

    • good hand washing
    • eat a good breakfast
    • cover cough/sneeze using inner elbow
    • drink plenty of water