10 Tips for Good Attendance

    1. Help your child arrive to school on time, with everything they need from school supplies and completed homework.
    2. Being at school on time will help your child's chances to score well on test throughout the year.
    3. Make sure your child has a balance diet, exercises, and gets enough sleep, to help mentally and physically get them ready to learn.
    4. Only allow your child to stay home when they have an illness, or too sick to be comfortable at school.
    5. Send parent notes or Dr. notes with your child when returning back to school.
    6. You can monitor your child's attendance and grades through Parent Center.
    7. Read all information sent home by the school. 
    8. Be involved in your child's school life and school activities
    9. Help your child to improve their attendance with positive reinforcements. 
    10. Keep open communication with your child's teacher, principals, and counselors. 


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