• The Music Memory Contest is a little like "Name That Tune"!!

    This year's contest is April 17th at the Performing Arts Center at Judson High School.

    The Salinas Music Memory Team travels by school bus to the PAC and the contest starts at 10:00am.

    The students return to campus about 11:30am and we wait for the results!


    Rules, Guidelines, and Format
    Each school year the third, fourth and fifth grade students in Judson ISD, as part of their music curriculum, study 16 pieces of classical music.  Students learn about composers, styles of music from the common practice period, form and basic analytical skills and sharpen aural abilities, meeting many of the TEKS for music and National Standards for Music Education.   These activities provide students with the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills.  Teachers may determine how they wish to present and teach the 16 selections within their lessons.



    Judson hosts a district wide Music Memory Competition for its Elementary Schools in the spring of each year.   Each school brings 5 students to compete for each grade level team.  

    Schools who do not have enough participating students on a grade level to form a team may combine grade levels up.  In other words, two third graders may be added to a fourth grade team to make a team – BUT fourth graders cannot be moved down to a third grade team. 


    Listening Format for the Competition:

    For the Music Memory Competition songs are played as follows:

    • Every selection is played for 30 seconds.
    • When the 30 second listening period ends, students have one minute to record their answers 
    • After all 16 selections have been played, students are given several minutes to review their answers before handing in their papers.
    • No students from the same school may sit at the same table. 
    • There should be a chair between each student.
    • No student will be permitted to take the test or enter the testing area after the rules have been read.


    Music Memory List
    Click on the Links below to see the Official Music Memory List and to listen to each piece of music.

    Listen to them as many times as you like!  Enjoy!!