• Parents, Guardians, and Students

    Hopefully, you all are healthy and in good spirits!

    This is an unprecended event that we are all living through, but it can be a very productive happy time! It's a great time to reconnect or connect at a deeper level with our families. Be sure to take the time to talk, exercise, cook, enjoy a meal, read, play games, and share memories together.  I know I am.  I'm even getting projects done around my house and my moms. I've been planning for my daughters Quincenera, that will occur in July of the New Year.  

    Here is the updated version of our school year calendar.  Please read the letter that Dr. Ball has sent out.



    Office/Virtual Tutoring Hours are TBA.  You can contact by email as well, but remember I have 48 hours to respond.  I've been answering as quick as I can on DOJO.  BELIEVE it or NOT I'm on conference calls, webinar trainings, and preparing lessons for our kiddos.  Mrs. Ortiz and I are setting up ZOOM Mtgs in google classroom, so check for the invite and accept it.  You'll get a member id and a password to get in.  Hope to see you guys soon.  We miss you guys!!

    There are lots of online resources that students can explore just on the Hartman Website! You will find every subject represented in the online resources pages. 



    Mrs. Nevelyn Young-Williams