• Dear Student:

    I would like to share some information with you that could help you in successfully with your online education:

    If you do not have internet access in your household Spectrum is offering free internet access for 60 days for households with students K-12. You family can enroll by calling 1.844.488.8395.

    Food:  Judson ISD is offering two meals a day 8-9 Breakfast and 11-12 Lunch at Wagner, Candlewood, Hopkins, Crestview, Olympia, and Judson.

    Did your family get the emails from Dr. Ball and Ms. Toppen about the closure?    If the answer is no please provide us with your updated email so you will be able to receive all important information from the district.

    Finally: TEA has directed school districts to provide “continuity of instruction” during school closure. All students are required to participate. Wagner HS teachers will provide instruction through Google Classroom during the closure. Students will need to check your teachers’ webpages and Google classrooms for assignments. Students need their school email to communicate with teachers. If students have forgotten their password, They can go to passwordreminder@judsonisd.org

    REMEMBER: Students need only to complete two assignments per week per class to satisfy requirements at this time.