School of Choice

  • Judson ISD is dedicated to ensuring our students and parents receive the best educational opportunities possible.  As our district continues to grow, we want to provide our students in grades K-12 with the ability to excel based on their needs.  Judson ISD proudly offers our students the School of Choice option, which will allow Judson families to choose any school within the district to attend, regardless of where they reside in the district.  Parents will be able to submit a School of Choice transfer during the online registration window.


    Visit our School of Choice website to learn more about our Judson ISD schools.


  • Will my child automatically be accepted to the School of Choice (SOC)?

  • How will I be notified that my request has been approved or denied?

  • Can I choose to attend any Judson ISD School?

  • What if my child receives Special Education Services?

  • Will I have to request a transfer to the school of choice annually?

  • Will transportation be provided for JISD School of Choice transfers?

  • Can my child request another transfer to a different School of Choice during the school year?

  • Can my child still compete in UIL if they transfer schools?

  • Who do I contact with questions about School of Choice?

  • How do I get technical assistance?

  • What if I can’t register online from home?