JISD Reads!

  • As we look forward to a productive 2020-2021 school year, we want our students to be as prepared as possible by practicing the activity that hones their skills: Reading!

    In an effort to promote a passion for reading, JISD asks students to independently read books of their choice during the school year, as well as in the summer months. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but also a time for consistent practice to keep your reading skills sharp.

    Research shows that if you do not read for several months, you lose some of your skill.

    Chart Independent reading has many benefits:

    • Support student’s growth
    • Improves vocabulary
    • Improves comprehension
    • Improves test scores
    • Improves writing skills

    *As students read this summer, it is highly encouraged that they annotate their books to help them develop good reading habits and comprehend the text.

    Annotation directions and question stems have been provided.

    It’s important for parents to be involved in book selections. Parents and students will want to preview their potential book choices prior to reading and discuss if the book is the “right fit” for the student.

    Parents can preview books through:

    • Barnes&Noble.com
    • Goodreads.com
    • Amazon.com

    Sora Digital Library JISD students have access to a Digital Library on the link below and on the JISD Portal! 

    Sora Digital Library