Return to Learn FAQ

Logistical Framework

  • 1. How many hours will students need to be attending classes online to receive credit for attendance?

  • 2. Will online classes be pre-recorded?

  • 3. What is the class size for children assigned to in-person classes in grades Pre-K through 12th grade?

  • 4. Will I be able to choose what time my child can attend classes online?

  • 5. If we choose a learning model, can we change it to another model later?

  • 6. Will parents have access to videos on how to help their children instructionally?

  • 7. Will parents receive copies of handouts etc or will they be expected to print everything out?

  • 8. If a child misses school due to required quarantine, will the absences count against them?

  • 9. What will the teacher-student ratio be for virtual classes?

  • 10. For the Remote Learning option, how often will virtual/real-time lessons be incorporated (daily, weekly, etc)?

  • 11. When do we have to make a choice regarding our child’s education, if information regarding Covid-19 can change from week to week?

  • 12. Will there be a meet the teacher for new students attending Judson schools for the first time?

Elementary Specific

  • 1. Will the elementary school offer the same instructional delivery options as middle and high school students?

  • 2. Will students enrolled in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 face to face instruction be in the same classroom?

  • 3. How will P.E. and recess take place in school?

  • 4. How much time does a PK-2 parent need to "set aside" for instruction?

  • 5. Will Pre-K parents that pay tuition receive a discount if they choose virtual learning?

  • 6. Will virtual classrooms have the same teacher all year.?

  • 7. My child is registered for Pre-K in the fall and is part of the program that I have to pay tuition for her to attend. Will there be any discounts if the remote option is selected?

  • 8. Will the school day hours for elementary change?

  • 9. Will dual language be an option for virtual learning?

Secondary Specific

  • 1. What measures will the District take to ensure social distancing in the secondary grades?

  • 2. What is a hybrid model?

  • 3. Will compensatory attendance be mandatory?

  • 4. I have a middle school and high school student, if hybrid, will they be guaranteed to be on same school schedule?

  • 5. For the 4 hour minimum per student, will students be required to be logged for 4 consecutive hours a day, or can these hours be completed at anytime during the day?

  • 6. If a secondary school student chooses the full time face to face model will they still have to attended on Wednesday when the hybrid students are attending virtually on Wednesdays?

Career & Technical Education

  • 1. Will my child have options to have an eBook, textbook or both for each Career & Technical Education (CTE) course they are enrolled in?

  • 2. How will the students participate in courses that require hands-on learning applications/experiences in CTE such as auto mechanics, welding, construction, and Health Science programs such as dental, medical assistant, radiology technician or certified nurse assistant?

  • 3. How will the students be able to participate in practicum/internship courses this school year?

  • 4. If my child has a job and needs to leave early from their high school campus, will they be allowed? How will his/her work schedule be affected if they are taking online courses?

  • 5. Will my child have an opportunity to compete in Career & Technical Education student organizations (CTSO) in 2020-2021?

  • 6. What safety precautions will CTE teachers take during their instructional time?

Food Service

  • 1. What procedure will be used for breakfast and lunch?


  • 1. Will staff members be required to wear masks?

  • 2. Will the district require students to wear masks?

  • 3. What measures will be in place for a staff member if they test positive for COVID-19 or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19?

  • 4. Will the district be providing thermometers and PPE for each staff member or classroom?

  • 5. Will parents be able to accompany their elementary children to classrooms?

  • 6. Will students transition to several classes or will they stay in the same room?

  • 7. Will schools be sectioned off to provide both in-school and online options at school?

  • 8. What other safety precautions are being taken to ensure teachers and students are sanitizing their work areas?

  • 9. I am concerned that not all classrooms are the same square footage. How will you keep our teachers and students safe and healthy when they are seeing 25 students daily?

  • 10. Will the District conduct temperature checks for students?

  • 11. Will teachers and school staff be required to get their temperature checked?

  • 12. What safety measures will the District enforce for in-school classroom learning for the elementary grades?

  • 13. Will masks be provided daily for elementary, middle and high school level students that decide on the face to face setting?

  • 14. Are there protocols if a teacher or a student tests positive for COVID-19?

  • 15. Will my child be penalized for staying home during a 14 day quarantine related to Covid-19?

Special Education

  • 1. How will the District provide services for students with special needs?

  • 2. How will students receive special education services through remote learning?

  • 3. When will students be tested to see if they qualify for special education?

  • 4. How will students enrolled in Life Skills classes be served through remote learning?

  • 5. What tools are available in remote learning?

  • 6. When it comes to students receiving special education services, will these services be suspended during a temporary closing of school?

  • 7. Can a parent "opt out" of a "continuation of services" until school resumes?

  • 8. For those students who are enrolled in on-campus learning, in the event a school (in the case of someone being positive for COVID-19) or ISD (in the case of an order by the governor) must shut down temporarily, is Judson able to provide every student a Chrome Book?

  • 9. If I choose the virtual model, will my child receive dyslexia instruction that is similar to the type provided at school?


  • 1. What tools are available in remote learning?

  • 2. Will my child be penalized if the internet is not working and he/she cannot complete his/her daily assignment?

  • 3. Will the District provide devices for virtual learning?

  • 4. What is the procedure for requesting a device if I choose for my child to participate in the Virtual or Blended Model?

  • 5. Will my child be able to use their personal tablet or iPad to complete assignments if I choose the Virtual Model or Blended Model?

  • 6. In the event of a school closure, is Judson able to provide every student a Chromebook, even students enrolled in face to face instruction?

  • 7. What happens with households that have multiple children in different grades, at different schools, requesting to be virtual. How can the students be online at the same time with only one computer at home?


  • 1. How will we approach cleaning of school buses and transportation vehicles?

  • 2. How will we address social distancing on buses next year?

  • 3. How will we address congregating at bus stops next year?


  • 1. Will we open Adventure Club in the Fall?

  • 2. Do co-teach classrooms have the same ratio as a traditional classroom?

  • 3. Will the selection of the Virtual Model disqualify my child from playing in sports and other extracurricular activities?

  • 4. Will the District be able to offer differentiation for students who are eligible?

  • 5. Do I need to register my student or just complete the survey?

  • 6. Will all students in the same grade but different schools be working on the same assignments whether they are in school, at home or virtual?

  • 7. Are all University Interscholastic League (UIL) activities cancelled?

  • 8. Will my child be able to ask questions and get a reply about an assignment?

  • 9. Will I be able to video conference with my child’s teacher if I have any questions about an assignment?

  • 10. Why can’t all students have pre-recorded lessons?

  • 11. If I choose the Virtual Model, will the work be easier?

  • 12. How will classes like choir and theatre be conducted when typically they require close contact and masks will definitely be a hindrance but not wearing one will also be concerning?

  • 13. If we choose virtual can they still participate in theatre and choir (if shows or concerts are even allowed)?

  • 14. Will we be notified if the decision for theatre performances and concerts for fall are cancelled?

  • 15. My student is part of the Title 504 program. Will they get the necessary help online and/or in school?