3rd - 5th Grade Instructional Options

  • After reviewing the details of each option below for Kinder - 2nd grade, please fill out the Elementary Survey to make your selection for the 2020-2021 school year.

    A Face to Face Learning
    • Teachers will be required to use standard Learning Management System to incorporate instructional technology into some lessons
    • Campuses have option to use additional platforms as long as it is consistent across grade levels
    • Campuses will be required to provide face to face or virtual afterschool and Saturday tutoring
    • Library will be included in Rotations Schedule for skills mini-lesson
    • Guidance lessons (SEL) will be incorporated in the daily schedule
    • Breakfast and Lunch in the classroom
    • Lessons will:
      • Include whole group mini-lessons
      • Align to the district scope and sequence to aid students that move from F2F
        and V-settings
      • Include small group instruction with reduced numbers (no more than 3-4)
    • Unit Assessments will be administered online through Eduphoria
    B Remote/Virtual Learning
    • Virtual instruction will include both Synchronous and Asynchronous models
    • V-Teachers will use the standard Learning Management System as the main learning platform.
    • V-Teachers will use additional 3rd party apps to enhance interaction and engagement by the students
    • V-Teachers will provide virtual afterschool and Saturday tutoring
    • Specials classes, including music, art, and technology will be included as part of the Asynchronous learning. Library will be part of the specials this year.
    • Guidance lessons (SEL) will be provided through Asynchronous learning
    • Campus Principal must be provided the classroom passcode
    • Virtual Teachers will provide targeted small group or individual academic support