• What is TAG? 

    TAG is the gifted and talented (G/T) program in Judson ISD. This program was established for identifying and serving gifted and talented students based on Texas Education Code 29.122.

    Who can be nominated? 

    Talented and gifted students possess outstanding talent and perform or show the potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience or environment. Judson ISD recognizes that students nominated as gifted and talented can come from all races, all cultural groups, and across all economic strata, with no regard to learning disabilities.

    Who can nominate a student for the TAG program? 

    Teachers, administrators, school personnel, parents, students, and community members may nominate.

    How does someone nominate a student for TAG? 

    There are nomination forms on each campus. A teacher fills out the form (either through their own volition or at the request of a parent, etc.). A parent may request a referral for testing form from the classroom teacher. Once the referral/nomination window closes, no late referrals will be accepted.

    What is the referral process for the program? 

    Teachers, staff members, parents, students, and community members may refer/nominate students for the TAG program. The referral process for services provided as part of the gifted program is on-going throughout the school year. All students nominated will be screened for placement. Students will be considered nominated for the program when a nomination form has been completed and permission for additional assessment has been obtained.


    G/T Continuum

    For more information, check the JISD district Advanced Academics website