Sample Schedule for 3rd - 5th Grade Virtual Instruction

  • The schedule below is a district sample of what a student schedule may look like when enrolled in the Remote/Virtual Learning Option.  Please note that it may vary from campus to campus, but it is important to highlight that students will still receive live direct instruction from a virtual teacher as well as receive targeted or specialized support as needed for every student.

    Synchronous Asynchronous
    Math Block
    60 minutes
    • 20 minutes - Mini-lesson
    • 20 minutes - Guided Practice/Check for Understanding
    • 20 minutes - Independent Practice
    English Language Arts Block
    90 minutes
    • 25 minutes - Mini-Lesson
    • 20 minutes - Guided Practice/Check for Understanding
    • 20 minutes - Independent Practice
    • 25 minutes - Writing
    Science/Social Studies
    30 minutes
    Alternating Weeks
    • 30 minutes - Hands-on materials through learning kits

    PE Rotation

    • 2-3 per week

    Music Rotation

    • Once per week


    • Scheduled Daily as Needed

    Teacher Office Hours

    • Varies by Teacher

    Specialized Instruction

    • As indicated in IEP/504/RtI/GT

     Art Rotation

    • Once per week

    Library Rotation

    • Once per week