• Ms. Evans Arts 2020-21

    Veterans Memorial High School

    Dear Parents and Art Students,


    Grading will follow District Policy – with an emphasis on participation and effort.

    The only way a student fails a Judson ISD art class is by not participating or failing to turn in assignments. Please pay attention to the comments on progress reports and report cards.  

    • Students will not be allowed to use class-time to complete make-up/late work – it must be completed at home or during tutorial time. 
    • Late work will be accepted up until 3 days before the end of the 9 weeks.
    • Students may retake exams if they receive a failing grade, but must do so within one week of the original exam and must schedule an appointment outside of class time in which to test.


    III. Class Expectations 

    • Students must follow all VMHS campus rules while in an art classroom.
    • Students must follow specific Art Classroom Rules (below).


    IV. Art Classroom Rules


    • Give the teacher your complete attention during lectures.
    • No profanity/disrespectful language allowed in the classroom.
    • Respect other students and their property.
    • Clean your work area at the end of class.
    • Remain seated until the bell rings.

     BE ON TIME:

    • Always on time, never tardy!
    • Have the necessary supplies out and be ready to work at the beginning of class. 
    • Take proper care of the art supplies and equipment.

    BE ON TASK: 

    • No sleeping or horseplay
    • No working on other class assignments during class time
    • No working on other students’ art (peer encouragement and suggestions are encouraged)
    • Do not use cell phones for games, movies, talking, texting, research only!

    BE SAFE:

    • Follow directions carefully while using materials and/or tools that have the potential for harm.
    • Students must follow appropriate safety measures to be allowed to use specific supplies.
    • Save your snack foods & beverages for lunch or before/after school. Water bottles are always OK.