In Class & Online Expectation:

    Course Expectations are expectations I ask from you. They are designed for the purposes of safety, common respect and class flow:


    • Follow all JISD policies (Student Code of Conduct & Student Handbook & all policies governing attendance & behavior.)
    • Be in your seat writing your daily when the tardy bell rings.
    • Students are expected to give their full attention, cooperate & participate.
    • During any discussion related to the class as a whole &/or individually; all interactions between students & instructor (regardless of the time & place) will be conducted in a respectful, dignified & professional manner.
    • While online, Cameras must be on & active.
    • While online, Microphones off until called upon.
    • While online, use proper online etiquette, basically mean be respectful & cognizant of yourself & your surroundings.
    • Behave appropriately during chat sessions, use appropriate language.
    • Please no Social Media activity during class time.
    • Please no gaming activity during class time.
    • Students whose behavior is found to be disruptive to class general welfare & effective instruction will be face disciplinary actions.

    Disruptive behavior includes but not limited too;

    • Sleeping In class
    • Excessive Tardiness, includes on ZOOM
    • Leaving class without the instructor’s permission or a request from authorized persons, this includes logging off ZOOM before being dismissed
    • Excessive absences *Includes on ZOOM
    • Disrespect (talking during the lecture, reading non-class related material, contemptuous/defiant attitude)
    • Non-Cooperation/Defiantness/Rudeness
    • Defacing School Property
    • Any type of Academic Dishonesty (Cheating, Plagiarism, fabrication, deception, omission)
    • *No Cell phones unless used as part of the instruction
    • Inappropriate online etiquette or behavior including but not limited too; inappropriate, abusive, profane or language, participating in any social media not regarding class material, “surfing” the web, shopping, watching any movie or television platform not regarding class material, harassing, intimidating, bullying or in any fashion causing another student to feel unsafe. Violating any Student Code of Conduct Guidelines regarding inappropriate behavior.


    1st Offense Verbal/Written Redirect

    2nd Offense Verbal Redirect & meeting after class/school with readdress of the syllabus/contract

    3rd Offense Contact Parents (Phone Call/Email/Letter sent Home)

    4th Offense Parent Meeting & possible AM Detention/Lunch Detention

    5th Offense Contact Administration

    6th Offense Suspension from Police Explorers Program

     *Depending on the severity of the offense, graduated sanctions may be accelerated, especially with online activity.