Wagner was one of 25 high schools chosen to be apart of the AlamoPROMISE program! Through AlamoPROMISE, high school graduates meeting eligibility criteria will receive a "last-dollar" scholarship for up to three years or the completion of an associate's degree or certificate, whichever comes first. The "last-dollar" scholarship funds the cost of tuition and required fees that a student's financial aid award does not cover. For more program details, visit alamo.edu/promise.

    Class of 2020 was part of the first class to receive AlamoPROMISE to any of the 5 Alamo Colleges the Fall following their senior year. 

    GREAT NEWS! This is open for the Class of 2021 this year as well! 

    There are a few steps students will need to complete to make sure they are apart of Alamo Promise: 

    Step One: Save your seat by click here: Save Your Seat - Deadline February 15, 2021
    NEW DEADLINE March 26, 2021

    Step Two: Apply to one of the Alamo Colleges for the Fall of 2021 on Apply Texas - Deadline February 15, 2021 
    NEW DEADLINE March 26, 2021

    Step Three: File your financial aid application - FAFSA/TASFA (information can be found in the Financial Aid tab on my website) - Deadline March 15, 2021 
    NEW DEADLINE March 26, 2021

    We will have events throughout the year to help you fulfill these requirements. Please keep checking back to see our events. 


    Application Help
    Step-by-Step Video to do an Alamo College Application

    Northeast Lakeview College has the following days available for virtual application help: 

  • Financial Aid Help

    Check the flyer below for Financial Aid help. Click the Zoom link during the day/time noted on the flyer, and you will be taken to their Zoom financial aid help event. 

    Financial Aid Advisors will then put you in a breakout room, so you can receive one-on-one help. 

    Important documents needed to fill out your financial aid: 

    - Parents 2019 Income Tax Return and W2s for parents if both parents worked in 2019
    - Your 2019 Income Tax Return (if you filed taxes in 2019)
    - Social Security numbers for you and your parents (If your parent(s) don't have a social security number, you WILL still be able to fill out the FAFSA)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

    Financial Aid Nights

    Our 1st semester Financial Aid Night dates are: 

    October 1st                 4PM - 6PM 
    October 5, 7, 9th        3PM - 5PM
    October 6 & 8th          6PM - 8PM   

    November 4th            3PM - 5PM
    November 5th            6PM - 8PM

    November 30            3PM - 5PM
    December 2nd & 4th  3PM - 5PM
    December 1st & 3rd   6PM - 8PM

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.