• Teacher Advisors:  Aaron King and Maria Sanchez-Ortiz

    Meeting Dates and Time:  Mondays after school

     Join us to learn some mental math tricks, expand your ability to apply math, and get ready to compete against other high school students in any of the following categories.  (You can choose as many as you want to compete and become an expert.)

    Number Sense – an extreme mental math competition – 80 questions, 10 minutes, no kidding. Ideal for someone with a short attention-span who likes to show off or who is planning for a career that will require quick-thinking. Hate to show your work? Check out this event!

    Calculator – the ultimate number-crunching competition.  Unleash the full potential of a calculator on 80 questions in 30 minutes. Detail-oriented people who plan on being future chemists, engineers, accountants, or any other job that requires heavy­duty button pushing will thrive in this event.

    Mathematics – 60 questions in 40 minutes that cover the full spectrum of secondary-level mathematics. Prepare to blow away the SAT or ACT math tests by practicing and competing in this event. You' II also get to learn about math concepts that even your teacher doesn't know!

    Why do UIL Mathematics? Recognition for effort! Excellent college-prep! Travel to other schools! Scholarship opportunities! Lifelong memories!  Did we mention scholarship opportunities?!?