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    Official SAT Prep Site - Khan Academy
    Khan Academy Website

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    Click on Courses and you will find the SAT prep material under Test Prep


    NEW TSIA2 Study Resources
    TSIA2 Student Resources

    Click on "Enter Student Site" 
    or if you have a code after taking your TSIA2, you can enter the code and click "Go!"


    College Board Question Bank
    College Board - Question Bank

    CollegeBoard has a tesp prep webiste where you can create custom, targeted question sets. 
    This specifically helps you with studying for the SAT and PSAT. 

    To create a question set:

    1. Use the filters to narrow your list.
    2. Select question IDs to view question content.
    3. Check boxes to add up to 20 questions to your set.
    4. Select the Export PDF button.
    5. Choose to print questions with or without the correct answers and explanations.


    Learning Express

    Study for the SAT, ASVAB, PSAT, ACT, TSI, and STAAR test

    If you create an account while on campus, it will be FREE and then you can log in anywhere to study!

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    ACT Study Material

    ACT.org has FREE online test prep events, FREE ACT Practice Test, and even una prueba de practica libre. 
    More FREE resources: ACT Academy access, American College Appliation Campaign's College Research Worksheet, ACT Voice-Based Assistant (Beta Version), and Stress Management Video Series

    ACT Study Resources


    The Princeton Review - SAT Test Prep in Your Area

    This site offers free resources and paid resources. 
    You can also find the link to Cafe College's Practice Test sessions every month. 

    The Princeton Review


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