• wild about judson

    Judson ISD explorers embarked on their own unique journey as convocation embraced the spirit of adventure. It also recognized the vital role these passionate guides play in shaping the minds and hearts of the future generation.

    Dr. Fields took a moment to pay tribute to these unsung heroes who selflessly devote themselves to nurturing young minds. From the seasoned educators to the fresh faces entering the profession, all were celebrated for their dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on their students’ lives. The Wild About Judson ISD theme took on an added layer of symbolism as teachers were likened to safari guides, leading their students on an educational expedition.

    As convocation came to an end, the staff emerged with a renewed sense of purpose. The spirit of adventure, collaboration, and perseverance has now blended with their passion for education, empowering them to embrace the new school year with renewed zeal.

    Armed with a strong support network, these educators embarked on their educational safari, guiding their students toward knowledge, growth, and a brighter future. Together, they roared with determination, ready to embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and inspire the young minds they guide to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

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