Spectator Procedures

  • COVID-19 Response
    Judson ISD has taken all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and spectators.
    • All spectators will be required to review the COVID-19 Self-Screening questions prior to entry. Posters will be displayed at venue entrances.
    • Face coverings and 6 ft. social distancing are required at all JISD athletic events.
    • Spectators who live together may sit together.
    • Foldable chairs or other personal seating will be allowed at outside venues EXCEPT at Rutledge Stadium.

    Rutledge Stadium

    • Rutledge Stadium games are scheduled to be live streamed on the following site www.TexasSportsProductions.com or on the TSP Mobile App.
    • Tickets will be available for purchase at the ticket windows located at Rutledge stadium and online at www.GoFan.co.
    • Parents/Spectators will not be allowed to attend practices.
    • Due to the COVID -19 social distancing requirements and venue size, spectator attendance for any game will be limited.
    • To ensure maximum social distancing, all venues will be cleared immediately at the conclusion of the contest (no loitering).

    clear bag

    Indoor Sports

    • A voucher system will be used for indoor contests.
    • Vouchers allow the bearer to purchase a ticket upon entry at a contest.
    • Only spectators with vouchers will be allowed to purchase tickets. (No Voucher-No Ticket)
    • Parents and guardians watching their children will be given priority for game attendance.
    • Spectator attendance for any game will be limited according to venue size.

    Middle School Participant Passes

    • Passes will be used for home middle school contests.
    • Passes allow the bearer entry at home contests only. (No Pass-No Entry)
    • There will be no admission fees.
    • Only home team spectators will be allowed entry.
    • Spectator attendance for any game will be limited according to venue size.