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    Yearbook Permission Form
    Formulario De Permiso Del Anuario


    Yearbook Image

    How to order your 2019-2020 yearbook 


    Due to the current unfortunate circumstances, Coronado Village Elementary school may not possess a portrait of your remote learner, and therefore does not possess the portraits needed for a yearbook. Regardless of this, a yearbook project is underway and you now have the opportunity to contribute a portrait of your student to help complete what will undoubtedly be a special yearbook.

    1. Use this URL provided to open the PLICBooks Portrait Uploader.
    2. Click on Upload your Photos and then navigate on your computer, phone, or tablet to the image you would like to upload.
    3. Fill out your child’s First Name, Last Name, Teacher’s Name, and Grade.
    4. If desired, fill out Email address, phone number and student ID number. This information is not required. This is information will only be used in case of questions regarding your child’s placement in the yearbook and will not be used for solicitation.
      Click Start Uploading.

    You’re all done.
    The image is automatically sent to the teacher to be placed in the yearbook. Don’t forget to place your yearbook order today!

    How to upload pictures if your student is virtual