• CVE Parent Teacher Organization


    The CVE PTO is excited to welcome you all to the 2021-2022 school year! This year is definitely going to look very different, but we are committed to finding ways to best support our students, teachers, and staff during these challenging times.

    Throughout the school year, the CVE PTO sponsors numerous events and activities for all of our students, staff, and the Coronado Village community. Again, we are not sure what this year holds, but we do understand that your support through dues, donations, time, talent, and energy helps us to continue building the CVE Community. We love that our school and district have always excelled at providing an enriching and nurturing learning environment for all of our children.

    We are excited to work together to tackle these new challenges and to find the best ways to stand with our teachers and staff at CVE. We are hopeful that you are ready and willing to join us too!

    Our PTO Committee is featured below. This dedicated team provides leadership throughout the year for our various committees. Interested in volunteering with the CVE PTO? Contact us!



     PTO President

    Veronica Ulrich



    Vice President


    Eva Corral 





    Jackie Garza




     PTO Treasure

    Heather Alvarez



    Event Coordinator

     PTO Coordinator

    DeAnna Navarro



    Volunteer Coordinator

     PTO Volunteer Cord

    Elizabeth Gongora



    Teacher Representative