8th to 9th Grade Transition

  • As an incoming 9th grade student you will want to be familiar with all items below in order to have a successful first year in high school.  Please continue to visit our website for updates periodically as course planning begins.

     Important Application Deadlines- Ask your counselor for more information

    • JECA February 1st 
    • TSTEM February 1st 
    • PTECH February 1st 
    • IB February 1st 

    General Information

    • High School Innovative Schedule
    • Personal Graduation Plans/Four Year Plan

    Advanced Academics


    • Fine Arts
      The Fine Arts Department serves students and faculty in Music (Band, Choir, and Orchestra), Theatre, Dance, and Visual Arts curricular study areas.
    • Athletics
      The Athletics Department's belief is that participation in athletics can provide students the opportunity to learn responsibility, dedication, leadership, the value of hard work, respect for the rules, respect for authority, and many other positive qualities. 
    • Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study
      Career and Technical Education provides students with the academic and technical skills they need to compete in the global workforce and/or to continue their education at the post-secondary level after graduation. 


    Early College High School

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