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    Bus Compass

    An App For Parents

    Bus Compass is a mobile app for Parents/Guardians. It provides a map of the bus location when the bus is in your particular neighborhood (not the whole route). It also provides notification of your Student scanning on the bus in the morning and off the bus at the end of the school day.

    An App For Students

    Bus Compass allows students to monitor the location of their approaching bus so they can head to the bus stop at the perfect time, keeping them out of the elements and safe from predators.

    Available In The App Store

    Bus Compass is available for download for both Android and Apple iOS devices. It can also be accessed at www.buscompass.com.

    It Is Secure

    It is secured through two-factor authentication using either the email or mobile phone number the district has on record for the Parent/Guardian to send a security code.


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