• Algebra 8th Grade Syllabus


    Course Description:

    Because of the unique structure of JSTEM Academy 8th grade students are taking a high school credit math class and will take the Algebra EOC exam at the end of the school year. Students will not take the 8th grade STAAR. This course moves quickly so I encourage students attend tutoring times when needed.

    Students will be allowed to use a calculator in this class. It is not required that students have the TI-Nspire calculator at home this year, but I strongly encourage they get one before high school. Students will learn how to use the calculator in class and will also receive one for all tests including the STAAR test.

    I post regularly to Google Classroom and this should be where students go when they are absent. Students may also email me if they will be out of class and I will send them the work and lessons they are missing. I prefer to communicate with students about missing work since I am working to prepare them for high school. 

    Calculation of Nine Weeks Average:

    All nine-week averages shall be calculated on a percentage system for each type (category) of assignment.

    Major Grade:

    Tests/Projects will count for 40% of your nine-week average.


    Daily Assignment:

    Daily assignments and quizzes will count for 60% of your nine-week average.


    Make Up Work:

    • Students will be given one day to make up work for each day they are absent.

    Late Work:

    • Late assignments not submitted on the due date will result in a 10 point reduction per day off the final grade and no assignment will be accepted after the 3rd day.


    • Students will only be allowed to retest on tests and major grades. They may only retest if they received less than a 70% and may only earn up to a 70% in the gradebook. Students must communicate with me in advance that they would like to retest so I can prepare material. Students will be taking a different test or different assignment than the one they failed.