• StewART’s Great Expectations:

    *We will value one another as unique artists

    *We will not laugh at or make fun of any artwork

    *We will use good manners and kindness during art

    *We will cheer each other to success in creativity

    *We will help each other to push our art further

    *We will recognize every effort of creativity and applaud it

    *We will encourage each other to do our best in art


    As artists we will...

    1.  Come to class On Time and Prepared to work.
    2.  Be Respectful to the teacher and to others.
    3.  Enter the classroom with a Positive Attitude.
    4.  Be Careful around others and with supplies, no horseplay inside or outside the art room.


    As artists we will...

    1. Come into class Quietly and be seated. 
    2. Listen and Watch while the teacher demonstrates and follow the directions.
    3. Work quietly and to stay Focused on our artwork.
    4. Clean-up our mess at the end of class.



    MASKS: Masks HIGHLY recommended since our classrooms are seated at large capacity without safety distancing.

    please ask AFTER project demonstrations or lesson instructions. No restroom breaks the first or last 10 minutes of class time. We need your help to clean up your area before dismissal. 

    ABSENCE: If your child is absent for illness or will be absent for another reason, please contact me so we can arrange for make-up work. I will happily send home supplies and instructions to help make-up work.