• So your kid wants to try out for the school play...

    That's awesome and they are welcome to audition.

    It doesn't matter if they are currently taking the class or not.

    There are a few expectations that I will share with you so that we are on the same page. 




    Allowing your child in a production gives Metzger Theatre Society permission to photograph (video as applicable) your child for promotional purposes. If your unique situation prevents this from being possible, please send an email to jwhitehawk@judsonisd.org to note this specifically.


    Parents are not allowed in the rehearsal space during rehearsals. We will be rehearsing after school from 3:45-5:30. Students will need to be picked up from the back of the school (bus loop) promptly. Due to Middle School One Act Play competition being January 8, 2022, students are expected to attend pick up rehearsals during Winter break (after January 1, 2022). This is non negotiable.


     Students are encouraged to bring a snack and a water bottle as is appropriate for the length of the rehearsal.


    You should always have clothes and shoes that are easy to move in with you. Please dress conservatively. • Shorts/Skirts/Dresses must be as long as the length of the fingertips when at your side. • No Crop Tops/Tube Tops/See Through Shirts or open sided tank tops showing bare skin/sports bras. • No make up. • DO NOT get your hair cut or colored without asking the permission of the director first. This is standard theatre protocol as your hair may need to be a certain style for the show.


    Performers will need a base black outfit and specific shoes for most shows. All other costumes will be provided. You may be asked to provide a pair of jeans for your child to wear, depending on their role in the show. Performers change backstage in the dressing areas. Performers are expected to have appropriate undergarments and respect each other’s space.


    • Photography/videotaping is not allowed during the production due to copyright violation. A staged photoshoot will be arranged for any parents who would like to take pictures of their child after a performance (dates TBA).


    Questions are great and help everyone stay on track! I suggest sending an email first if you have a question about protocol etc. (jwhitehawk@judsonisd.org).


    You must be able to commit to all rehearsals in order to participate in this production. Students are required to find their own way home after rehearsal, as the school will not provide a bus. Please see limited exceptions to this policy below. This policy in place to set each child up for success. I am able to be flexible to a point, but believe that the children will receive the most benefit as a result of their solid commitment to this project!

    • Excused Absences

     Exceptions may be made for known conflicts. These would be considered excused absences once approved by the director. Your known conflict must be approved by the director in writing in order for it to be considered an excused absence.

    • Unexcused Absences

     Unexcused absences may result in removal from the show. Every effort will be made to accommodate unpredictable illness, but the short rehearsal period may not allow for compassion to dictate solutions. Illnesses may be treated as unexcused absences as is necessary for the overall success of the show and all of its’ participants. Please do not use absence from rehearsal as a punishment for your child. Cast and crew learn responsibility by committing to this process. Everyone plays a vital role and absences damage the ensemble.


     Each child is expected to respect the entire process. Casting can be the most difficult and challenging part of the process for young performers and parents of young performers. As parents, you have an important role in this process. Please reinforce with your child the importance of every role, and the satisfaction that comes with participating in the production process. Theatre is about community and every cast member is important to the final production.

    • Performers will treat fellow performers and production staff with the utmost respect. This included avoiding backstage “drama” of any kind. • Performers will not break the “fourth wall” by acknowledging the audience. This includes responding to friends or family who make the unfortunate decision to wave at or call out to a performer. • Performers will not talk backstage during a rehearsal or performance. • Performers will not have cell phones on during rehearsals or performances. • Performers will check their props before the show begins and will never touch someone else’s prop(s). • Performers will not break character or acknowledge mistakes on stage. Performers will not engage in non-directed or non-character related conversations or “stage business” onstage. • Performers will change out of costumes before meeting fans in the lobby following the performance. • Gum is not allowed backstage or onstage. • Parents will not be allowed in the backstage area prior to or following the show. • Performers will not be allowed out of the backstage area in costume prior to the show beginning• Performers will participate in “strike” following performances to clean and organize all props and costumes.


    All extracurricular activities are dictated by UIL expectations. This means that students MUST be passing and in good standing with the school in order to take part in the play. Grade checks will be randomly assigned.






    Please sign and date this form acknowledging that you have read and are in compliance with this code.

    Students will not be cast in the show unless this signature page is on file.

    Thank you for your interest and involvement in our show.




    Parent/ Guardian name: ___________________________________________

    Phone Number: ____________________________

    Email Address: ______________________________

    My child is: _________________________________


    By signing this paper, I acknowledge and accept the guidelines laid out in this document.


    Signature: ______________________________________________


    Date: ________________________










    Metzger Middle School Theatre Arts

    J. Whitehawk- director