Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from UTSA MA in Education from UTSA Certified Early Childhood thru 6th grade with Science of Teaching Reading

Mrs. Chapman

Hello! I am a 5th grade RLA and Social Studies teacher at Miller's Point.

I am a mother of five rambunctious boys ranging in ages from 4 to 14. I enjoy movies, art, reading, and technology. I'm not an expert in anything in particular, but I like challenges that require me to problem solve. 

I am one of three teachers at MPE selected for the Model Classroom Project. I will be working to implement technology into the classroom. The students and I will be using a large touch screen panel as part of our learning experience. I hope the use of the panel will captivate and engage my students in their lessons.

I look forward to motivating students to read and write, helping them to produce their best compositions, guiding them to form and express their own thoughts, informing them on the governmental structure, connecting them to the history of our nation, and advancing them in their technological skills.

Here's to a great year at MPE. Go JETS!