• Geometry Honors with Ms. Bowie (R107)

    Course Overview 2022-2023


    Course Description:

    Topics covered include the language of geometry, logical reasoning, properties of lines; segments and angles; triangles and triangle applications (including trigonometry); congruence and similarity; quadrilaterals and other polygons; circles; area, surface area and volume of 2 and 3 dimensional objects; coordinate geometry; transformations and geometric probability.


    Course Objective:

    Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge of concepts, definitions, properties, and applications of the topics listed above as well as develop computational skills and strategies needed to solve problems. Students will also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they connect concepts to practical applications.



    60% daily grades: daily assignments, quizzes, and performance products

    40% major grades: tests and performance projects

    ** see the school grading policy for specifications**


    Path to Success:

    Students must come to class with paper, pencil and Chromebook every day.

    All assignments must be completed and on time. This is an honors class. Performance products and projects will NOT be accepted late for any reason.

    Be prepared for tests and exams. Study your vocabulary.

    Be prompt.

    Be kind and courteous to your classmates.

    Attendance is vital to success. Students who miss class for any reason must make arrangements to get notes, make up any missed work, etc… OUTSIDE of normal classroom time so that they do not get further behind.

    Ask questions, participate in small group and whole class discussions.


    Course Schedule:

    1st Nine Weeks-         Units 1 & 2 (Tools of Geometry, Lines & Angles)

                                        Unit 3 (Properties of Triangles, Special Segments & Trigonometry)

                                        Units 4 & 5 (Tringle Congruence, Similarity)

    2nd Nine Weeks-       Unit 6 (Transformations)

                                        Units 7 & 8 (Quadrilaterals and Coordinate Proof, Circles)

                                        Unit 9 & 10 (Measurement and Modeling in TWO and THREE Dim.)                                                  

                                        Unit 11 (Probability)


    Tutoring:       Before school Tuesday and Thursday, after school Wednesday, and

                            other times by appointment. Remember, you must have a pass from me

                              to attend tutoring.