• We embrace the 5 P's (Be polite, productive,prompt, positive and prepared),  and 4 C's (Be confident, courageous, consistent and communicate) in this classroom.

      Our classroom rules and policies are quite simple:


                   - No negative self-talk.

                   - Believe that you are worthy of being here.

                   - Accept yourself and be forgiving when you make mistakes.


                   - Treat your classmates as you would like to be treated.

                   - Know that your actions and words affect others. Be aware and be kind..

                   - Understand that, as your teacher, I will always act in your best interest to the best of my ability. You may not always like what I say and do, and that is okay. We can find an appropriate time to discuss our differences.


                   - Follow school wide rules in our classroom.

                   - No horseplay or rough-housing.

                   - Do not damage the desks, tables, etc... in our classroom.