• Katie Kennedy

    Algebra 2 Syllabus


    Tutorial Times:

    Tuesday After School 4:35-5:30

    Thursday Before School: 8:00-8:35

    Materials: Notebook of your choice, pencil/pen, Chromebook. Please bring all materials to class every day.

    Class procedures: 

    Upon entry: Pick up all handouts when you walk in the door. Find your seat and begin working on the warm-up/Daily Quiz for the day.

    Class notes: If I write it you should too. Photos of the whiteboard may be taken if you would like a copy of the teacher notes. Chromebooks are equipped with a camera. Please make sure that I am out of the picture when you take it.

    Class activities, discussions, handouts and notes will be for your benefit. Class activities can be taken as a grade at my discretion. There is practice on canvas but will not be taken as a grade. Test reviews can be taken as a grade if assigned.

    Quizzes:  Quizzes will be assigned daily. All Quizzes will be found on Quizizz.com and are accessed through Google Classroom. You can access them as they are assigned. Each assignment is due the day it is assigned. Quizizz will not be opened until the day they are assigned. Quizizz may be attempted multiple times but will be given a closing date two days following the Unit Exam. Closed Quizizz will not be reopened. Collaboration is not allowed on Quizizz.

    Unit tests: Unit Tests will be taken on Eduphoria and are open note. Collaboration is not allowed on any examination. Your test will only be opened for your class period on the day of the test. If you are absent on Test day, you will need to take the test after you return. It must be completed during tutorials or by appointment only.

    Absentee: If you are absent or are required to quarantine, you will still be expected to log in and complete the assignments as soon as you are able. Please continue to log in and complete assignments when absent. Notes and videos are available on canvas for days you are absent. 

    Technology: Chromebooks are a requirement for this class. You are required to take the daily quiz and Unit exams online. Additionally, we will occasionally use Desmos as our calculator. If you do not have your computer, it can result in a daily grade of a zero.  Cellphones are not allowed and must always be kept in your bags on silent. You may not use them for any reason, even if you leave your Chromebook at home.