• English II Course Syllabus

    Karen Wagner High School

    2022 - 2023

    Contact the Teacher

    • Ms. Robin Williams

    • rwilliams007@judsonisd.org

    Course Goals:

    • Students will learn and/or develop a growth mindset while learning to think more creatively and critically.

    • Students will become more sophisticated readers and writers, better listeners, and more effective speakers.

    Materials Needed:

    • Several Packs of Notebook Paper

    • 2 Inch Binder

    • Blue or Black Ink Pens

    • Highlighters

    • 5 Count Dividers

    • Spiral Notebook

    Grading Policies:

    • Classwork and homework will count as 60% of the student’s average. 

    • Tests, projects, and other major grades will count as 40% of the student’s average.

    • Late work will be accepted with a ten point per day penalty. 

    Plagiarism Policy:

    • Plagiarism will result in a ZERO on the assignment, project, or paper.

    • The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines plagiarism as:

      • copying/stealing and passing off ideas or words as one's own

      • Using someone else’s created production without crediting the source

      • Committing literary theft

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Rules

      • Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn.

      • All electronics must be OFF and out of sight unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

      • Respect the teacher, yourself, other students, and our classroom.

      • Clean-up after yourself. Trash goes in the trash can, chairs should be pushed in, and supplies are to be returned to their proper places.

      • Follow all C.H.A.M.P.S expectations.

    • Consequences

      • #1- Non-Verbal Warning

      •  #2- Verbal Warning & Possible Seat Change

      • #3- Student Conference and Email Home

      • #4- Phone Call Home

      • #5- Referral

        • Disclaimer: Major infractions will result in an immediate referral.

    Tardy Policy:

    • All students will be issued tardy passes. 

    • Pre-cut tardy passes will not be accepted. 

    • If a student does not have a tardy pass, their name will be added to the classroom tardy list. 

      • The first time a student’s name is on the list, they will receive a verbal warning and an email home.

      • The second time a student's name is on the list, they will receive a verbal warning, a phone call home, and they will owe the teacher some time at a time the teacher selects. Possible times include, but are not limited to: lunch, before school, or after school.

      • The third time (any anytime after that) a student's name is on the list, the student will receive a referral to the office. 

    Curriculum Overview:

    • First Nine Weeks

      • Literature

        • Unit 1: The Plot Thickens (Fiction)

        • Unit 2: Exposing the Truth (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

      • Writing

        • Narrative 

        • Expository Essay

    • Second Nine Weeks

      • Literature

        • Unit 3: Lyrically Speaking (Poetry)

        • Unit 4:All The World’s a Stage (Drama)

      • Writing

        • Expository Essay

        • Persuasive Essay

        • Poetry

        • Literary Analysis

    • Third Nine Weeks

      • Literature

        • Unit 5: Cutting Through the Noise (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, & Drama)

        • Unit 6: The Butterfly Effect (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, & Drama)

      • Writing

        • Procedural Text

        • Persuasive Essay

        • Literary Analysis

    • Fourth Nine Weeks

      • Literature

        • Unit 7:Choice Matters (Research)

        • Novel Study (Novel Selection is To Be Announced)

      • Writing

        • Research Paper

        • Media Presentation