• No cell phones out without permission
      • No charging cell phones during class time
      • Be on time and seated in assigned seat
      • No eating or drinking in class
      • Use of foul language is not permitted
      • Clean tables before leaving class
      • Remain seated until bell ring (DO NOT LINE UP AT DOOR)
      • No sleeping during class time
      • Must sign out if leaving room
      • Limit bathroom time to no more than 5 minutes




      Like the classroom rules, the procedures of a classroom are just as important so students are aware of how they are expected to complete certain tasks throughout the school day.


      Behavior for entering the classroom:

      • Enter the room by walking.
      • Pick up journals/binders
      • Begin assignment posted on overhead or board. (10 minutes).


      When a student is absent:

      • When a student is absent, they will be responsible for completing the work that was missed. All assignments will be posted on canvas.