Seventh Grade Texas History

    Mrs. Reynolds

         Syllabus 2023-2024            

    Texas History is a class in which students will learn content and develop skills in order to better understand, analyze, and evaluate Texas History. In doing so, students will also learn the role of the Texas political, economic, geographic, and social.    


    Unit 1

    Texas  until  1680:  Regional  Texas Native  Americans &  Early European Exploration

    Unit 2

    Texas from 1680-1825: Europe influences

    Unit 3

    Texas from 1825-1846:

    Revolution and Republic

    Unit 4

    Texas from 1846-1877

    Civil War and Reconstruction

    Unit 5

    Texas from 1846-1900 Rise of the Railroad

    Unit 6

    Texas from 1900-1946 Rise of Industrial Texas

    Unit 7

    Texas from 1946-Present: Modern Texas Emerges

    Unit 8

    Linking Texas to the United States

    ** Students will also simultaneously focus on current affairs and their connection to historical events.