• Throughout the year, students will be creating a journal with all of the information they have learned in 8th Grade U.S. History. Students must bring their spiral to class with them every day! Stundets need a spiral-bound notebook containing at least 150 sheets of paper (example: Mead Five-Star with perforated edges). The spiral should be large enough to glue a full sheet of typing paper (8.5x11).

    A variety of activities will be kept in the spiral, including class notes and daily work. The spiral will be checked periodically and will count as a test grade. Keeping this spiral consistently throughout the school year will teaches valuable organizational skills, creativity, and independence as a thinker and writer. The spiral will also serve as a review tool for the 11th grade US history exit test to graduate.

    When students return from an absence, it is their responsibility to bring their spiral up to date. Students must get any notes you may have missed and record them in your spiral in the appropriate place. Missing information, for any reason, will counts against the test grade