• Grading Procedures

    The grading scale will be as follows:

    A     100-90

    B 89-80

    C 79-70

    F < 69


    Your grade for each quarter will be broken into the following percentages:


    Quizzes/Daily Assignments:  Rehearsal Techniques 60 %

    Students may earn points for appropriate rehearsal demonstrations, work ethic, and teamwork in daily classroom rehearsals and in occasional after-school rehearsals for contests.  All After school rehearsal dates will be determined as needed and will include advanced written notice.  

    Reflections/Compositions:  Using their journals, Students will reflect and assess their own performances as stated in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  They will also use their journals to compose rhythmic and melodic compositions.


    TextsMajor Projects:  Performances 40 %


    The state of Texas recognizes the importance of performances and has made them part of the TEKS as a way to formally assess the progress of each student.  These are our tests.  Please make every effort to have your child attend every performance.  Make up grades are given, however that includes a performance of the repertoire for an audience.  


    Students must be academically eligible to participate in contests and field trips. 

    The UIL Concert/Sightreading Assessment in March is an exception.   This event is the STAAR of Choirland, and participation in that event is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for 7th/8th grade students.  It is just like concerts, and eligibility requirements do not apply.  



    Participation definition:  Process in which individuals are actively involved in a project or program.


    This definition shows that participation is something that the student chooses.  Too often, students fail to realize their lack of mental involvement toward a subject can detract from the overall enjoyment of it.  Music isn’t something that happens to a person.  Music is something with which a person has complete control because they are actively involved in its creation and interpretation.


    The following are measurable ways in which they can take an active role in their education. 

    • Be here on time, in your seat, with your supplies, ready to sing the warm-up
    • Be prepared with your music folder and pencil
    • Put effort into your singing and listening
    • Be respectful of yourself, our facilities and others
    • Attend all performances - emergencies arise, please see the parent form for excusing performances

    Attendance is very important, so students can learn with the ensemble, so points are deducted from their weekly rehearsal grade for unexcused absences.

    Excessive tardiness (+3/week) also results in points being deducted.  


    Choir is a pencil only class.  We make marks and take conductor notes in the music, and those marks need to be erased at the end of the year.  It is important to have a pencil every day.  I recommend that they keep one in their folder.


    Students showing rude, disruptive or disrespectful behavior deemed unacceptable by the conductor, choral contract and the student handbook will be subject to the following:

    • Verbal warning and redirection
    • Student/Teacher conference
    • Phone call home to see who we can work together to solve the problem
    • Office referral

    Cell Phone Usage


    Per the expectations of the district and KHMS to keep the learning environment as productive as possible, cell phone usage will not be permitted.  Laptops are provided by the district, so cell phones are not to be used in class at any time.  If a student needs to call home to remind of rehearsal time, they are permitted to use the choir office phone.


    Concert Etiquette


    Out of respect for the performer and the work they have done in preparation for concerts, please follow the following guidelines:

    • Put all phones on silent.  Please do not talk on the phone during a performance.
    • Arrive on time, but if you are late, please only find a seat between songs so as not to disrupt the performance
    • Do not yell out to your child on stage or expect them to wave back.  Part of their choir etiquette is to not wave back.  They can smile back. Please do not yell out while they are singing.
    • Stay for the duration of the performance out of respect for the performers and their parents.  Our concerts are usually never longer than an hour.
    • Do not use flash photography, and DO NOT POST VIDEO ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  There are copyright laws and privacy concerns for other singers.
    • Please keep young children quiet during pieces.


    Concert Rubrics are sent home the week before every concert to remind both parents and students of the concert and their responsibilities.   We understand that situations arise that prevent students from attending concerts, so please contact the conductor if your child cannot attend.  A list of important dates are on the last page of this booklet so you can rip it off and put it on the refrigerator.  


    Concert Attire

    Students have both formal and informal concert attire.  Students are issued a choir t-shirt before the first concert, and the cost is covered in the choir fee. 

    6th Graders will wear their choir shirt and black pants or skirt with black shoes to every performance.

    7th/8th graders have formal attire for certain concerts, not all.  Dresses are issued to singers before a concert, please return washed.  All are machine washable, drip dry.

    Boys will have tux shirts issued.  Please wear with black pants.  Ties/Vest are owned by the choir and are distributed before concerts.