• READ WOKE Reading Program

    READ WOKE books – help us see the world from a different set of eyes, facing different life circumstances, experiences, cultures and help to build empathy in someone that is different than yourself. Empathy means understanding and share the feelings of another.

    Read 4 Read Woke books and complete a Read Woke Google form for each book to receive a Read Woke t-shirt. Pick up a form at your KHMS library.

    Step 1-Choose and read a book that fits the "Read Woke" program criteria. 

    Step 2-Rate the book on the back of the Read Woke Menu.

    Step 3-Promote at least 1 book.

    Step 4-Earn a FREE Read Woke T-shirt for reading at least 4 Read Woke books & promoting 1 book. 

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  • Read Woke Book Criteria-

    • challenge a social norm

    • give voice to the voiceless

    • provide information about a group that has been disenfranchised

    • seek to challenge the status quo

    • have a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group

    Selected books are available in the library, but students may also discuss additional book options with the librarian.