• Vaccinations/ Immunizations


    2022-2023 Immunization Requirements for Schools

    A student shall show acceptable evidence of vaccination prior to entry, attendance, or transfer to a child-care facility or public or private elementary or secondary school in Texas. For complete immunization requirements, contact your campus nurse.  

    Please ensure that your student's campus nurse has the most current immunization record for your child. Often students are up-to-date on vaccinations, but the record is not shared with the school, resulting in non-compliant immunization notifications. 

    Pre-Kindergarten Immunization Requirements

    DTaP - 4 doses

    Polio - 3 doses

    Hepatitis B - 3 doses

    Pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine (PCV) – 4 doses*

    MMR - 1 dose†

    Varicella - 1 dose†

    Hepatitis A - 2 doses†

    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) - 3 doses‡


    *At least three doses with one dose on or after 12 months of age, or two doses with both doses on or after 12 months of age, or one dose on or after 24 months of age. Otherwise, one additional dose is required.

    For MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis A vaccines, the first dose must be given on or after the first birthday.  Vaccine doses administered within 4 days before the first birthday will satisfy the requirement.

    A complete Hib series is two doses plus a booster dose on or after 12 months of age (three doses total). If a child receives the first dose of Hib vaccine at 12 - 14 months of age, only one additional dose is required (two doses total). Any child who has received a single dose of Hib vaccine on or after 15 - 59 months of age is in compliance with these specified vaccine requirements.

    Kindergarten Immunization Requirements

    DTaP - 4 doses*

    Polio - 3 doses*

    MMR - 2 doses**

    Hepatitis B - 3 doses

    Varicella - 2 doses**

    Hepatitis A - 2 doses**

    *One dose must be received on/after the fourth birthday.
    **First dose must be received on/after the first birthday.

    7th Grade Immunization Requirements

    In addition to all of the above, the following are required for entry into the 7th grade:

    Tdap/Td  - 1 booster within the last 5 years

    MCV4 - 1 dose is required on or after the student's 11th birthday.