Judson High School

    Course Description
    :   Geometry is a one-term long course in which the students develop reasoning skills, both inductive and deductive, and apply them to problem solving situations.  The mathematical concepts learned in Algebra I are employed in the study of relationships between points, lines, planes, angles, polygons and circles.  Their properties are examined with relation to size, shape, direction and orientation of figures.  Students will learn through a variety of activities, which will include classwork, projects, assessments and hands on activities.  Technology resources include TI-NSpire CX handheld, Mimio Teach/eInstruction, Canvas, and Google Classroom Applications.  Algebra 1 is a prerequisite.


    Course Units:

    1. Tools of Geometry
    2. Transformations and Congruency
    3. Lines and Angles
    4. Triangle Congruence, Properties, and Special Segments
    5. Similarity

     End of 1st /3rd Quarter


    1. Trigonometry
    2. Quadrilaterals and Coordinate Proof
    3. Properties of Circles
    4. Modeling and Problem Solving
    5. Measurement of Modeling in Three Dimensions            
    6. Probability              

            End of 2nd/4th Quarter



    Students Enrolled in Advanced Academic Courses will adhere to JISD district grading policies:

                       Tests/Projects: 40%                      Quizzes/Daily Assignments: 60%  


    Learning and reinforcement for the student will also take place outside of class in the form of online tutorials, homework, and projects assigned as needed. Homework will be assigned as needed to be due at the beginning of the next day’s class period.


    Class Vocabulary for Success:

    Altitude, Angle, Apothem, Exterior/Interior/Adjacent Angles, Arc (Length), Area, Base, Base Area, Axis, Center, Centroid, Chord, Circle, Composite, Conditional Statements, Congruent, Conjecture, Coordinate Plane, Corresponding/Central/Vertical Angles, CPCTC, Cosine, Counterexample, Construction, Cylinder, Analyze, Justify, Display, Explain, Argument, Reasoning, Evaluating, Solution, Reasonableness, Degree, Diagonal, Dilation, Equidistant, Equiangular, Geometric Mean, Geometric Probability, Rotation, Reflection, Translation, Transformations, Hypotenuse, Leg, Side, Isometric, Isosceles, Acute, Obtuse, Scalene, Kite, Line, Midsegment, Net, non-Congruent, Transformation, Perimeter, Parallel, Parallelogram, Perpendicular, Bisector, Plane, Point, Polyhedron, Postulate, Prism, Proof, Proportion, Pyramid, Triples, Radian, Radius, Ratio, Rectangle, Regular Polygon, Right Triangle, Rhombus, Quadrilateral, Same-Side Exterior/Interior Angles, Scale, Scale Factor, Secant, Sector, Segment, Semicircle, Similarity, Sine, Slope, Special Right Triangles, Special Segments, Sphere, Square, Surface Area, Symmetry, Tangent, Tessellation, Theorem, Transversal, Trapezoid, Triangle, Trigonometric Ratios, Undefined Terms, Vector, Vertex, Volume.

    Class Resources:

    • District Geometry Curriculum
    • HMH – Houghton, Mifflin, and Harcourt Geometry textbook and online textbook
    • TI – NSpire CX Handheld (Calculator), graphing calculator available in classroom
    • Assigned Chrome book for online instruction
    • Teacher Website: 

    Suggested Supplies:


    • Composition Notebook
    • Loose-leaf notebook paper
    • Pencils/Erasers


    • Additional Suggested items-ruler, protractor, compass, scissors, glue, tape, colored (map) pencils, and graph paper


    Contact Information:      Jacob Abernathy            P221           Email: jabernathy@judsonisd.org


    Tutoring: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:  8:10-8:40