• 1) Be prompt: be ready to work at the beginning of class. You have a composition notebook to take notes, and do work, have it ready with a writing utensil when you come to class so the lesson can begin.


    2) Be courteous and respectful: to your instructor, and your fellow classmates. Bullying is not tolerated, and will be dealt with as necessary and appropriate.


    3) Be willing to learn: I have never failed any of my students; they fail themselves. I will work with you and reach you where you are, no matter your level in math, but we must approach math, like all subjects with the idea that we can learn and do the material.


    4) Ask questions: Geometry can become complex, especially with all the definitions. When in doubt, ask questions. It shows you are trying to understand the material, and you will not just help yourself, but those around you.


    5) Cooperate: Perhaps the most important rule since it forms the foundation for the other rules listed above. By having a cooperative attitude all the other rules fall into place, and learning becomes easier.