• Health Education Syllabus

    Woodlake Hills Middle School

    Coach Perez and Coach Saenz and Coach Mull

    Conference Time: 11:59am –12:51pm

    Email: Coach Perez- jperez809@judsonisd.org, Coach Saenz- ssaenz@judsonisd.org,, Coach Mull – DMull@judsonisd.org


    Textbook: Glencoe Health 2022


    Course Description: Health is a required elective course designed to be taken for a semester of middle school. This course includes the study of nutrition/weight control, social and mental health, effects of drugs and alcohol and sex education. The goal of this class is to help students to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing them with updated, accurate information and teaching positive decision-making skills.

    Grading scale: Homework 10%

                 Quiz/ Daily assignments 50%

                               Test / major projects 40%


    Late and make-up work: For excused absences late work will be accepted for full credit but you will be given the same amount of days that you missed to receiver full credit any day after that points will be deducted depending on the assignment (usually 10% a day). Unexcused absences will receive a zero for missed assignments. It is your responsibility to find out what you need to make up. If you miss a test, you will need to coordinate with me a time that is convenient for both of us to make up.

    Progress Checks: A time will be designated when the entire class will be updated on grades and also be allowed to do missing or make-up work. Students may also ask about their grades during class as long as we are not involved in any course work. Parents can check the parent portal on JudsonISD website to monitor their child’s progress. If there are any questions or concerns the best way to contact me is by email.


    1. Complete DAILY Checkpoint
    2. Turn in assignments completed and on time.
    3. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE.


    Health Education Scope and Sequence


    This is to give everyone an idea of what the material is and in what sequence it will be presented throughout the semester. Glencoe Health 2022 is the textbook we will be using.




    1: Foundations of Health and Wellness, Decision-Making, stress, and stress management

    2: Mental, social and emotional health/bullying and violence

    3: Communication, relationships and nutrition

    4: Growth and development, keeping the body safe, Disease and Drug free

    5: Sex education







    Judson ISD Middle School Physical Education


    Woodlake Hills Middle School

    Coach Tamez – Coach Arredondo – Coach Perez – Coach Saenz

    dtamez@judsonisd.org dmull@judsonisd.org jperez809@judsonisd.org ssaenz@judsonisd.org

    Goals of Physical Education: Physical education is an important part of the total educational program. Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others. Students become aware of the social benefits of physical activity through participation. The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged. The total development of students is the goal of the educational system. Physical education is a vital part in reaching this goal. A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program. Activities vary from creative movement to lifetime sports. All students have the need and right to benefit from physical activity.

    Units of Study:

    Unit 1

    Classroom Culture/ Intro to Personal Fitness

    Fitness Testing/ Team Sports

    Team Sports/ Conditioning

    Unit 2

    Fitness Testing/ Team Sports

    Team Sports/ Conditioning

    Recreational Games and Activities

    Unit 3

    Team Sports/ Conditioning/ Individual Sports

    Rhythmic Movement and Fitness

    Fitness Testing/ Team Sports

    Unit 4

    Team Sports/ Conditioning

    Fitness Testing/ Team Sports

    Recreational Games and Activities


    Dress Out: Students are expected to dress out with the appropriate clothing every class period. Appropriate clothing includes tennis shoes, socks, t-shirt, and shorts (with school appropriate logo). Sweatshirts and pants ONLY allowed during inclement weather. Acceptable shoes are a type of gym shoe, with closed toes, and supports the feet well and cushions the sole on hard impact. No crocs, cleats, spikes, sandals, or shoes with black soles are allowed on the gym floor.

    Grading Policy: All students are expected to participate in their physical education class. The students are graded in four (4) major areas:

    1. Participation – Effort made in the activity and the willingness to try.
    2. Skills – Each student is graded on the improvement made from the beginning to the end of the year.

    (Grading Policy cont’d on next page)


    1. Knowledge – Each student is responsible for the rules and regulations of each activity.
    2. Sportsmanship – The student’s attitude towards others and his/her sense of play.


    Each week the students will receive two grades. One will be for participation and the other will be for dressing out. The participation and dressing out will count as 50% of the daily grade. Their test grade (skills or written) will count as 40% of their grade.

    Students who choose to not dress out or those who have a doctor’s note will be given an alternate assignment. Students who frequently do not dress out will have their parents contacted, and other disciplinary actions may follow.

    Lockers/Baskets and Locks: Students will be assigned a locker and a SCHOOL ISSUED lock. Only school issued locks are allowed for safety reasons. Students are expected to lock up their items during class as well as when they leave for the day. Students DO NOT share their lockers or their combinations with anyone else. The students will be charged a replacement fee for lost locks. Lost or stolen locks are the responsibility of the student.

    ***To help alleviate lost jewelry, we suggest sending a small container or zip lock bag to use for storage inside the locker. ***

    Students will have an option of taking or declining a lock. Students who do not take a lock, WILL NOT be given a locker. Please indicate on the signature page if you will be accepting or declining a lock.

    ***The coaches will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen items! ***

    Excuses and Doctors Notes: If a student needs to be excused from participating in P.E. or Athletics class, they may bring a written note from home. Please specify the number of days the student should be excused. If no number is specified, the student will be excused for 1 day only. A parents’ note will only be accepted for 3 consecutive days. After this time, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse the student from participation. All notes must be dated.

    *** Doctors notes must specify the number of days a student is to be excused, and any limitations on exercises. An alternative assignment will be given to any student with a doctor’s excuse. ***

    Attendance and Tardies: Students must be in the dressing room/gym when the tardy bell rings. Failure to do this will be counted as tardy. Students will have 5 minutes following the tardy bell to continue dressing for class. Attendance will be taken in the designated area by coach. After the activity is completed, students will be given time to change into their school attire. The students will be released when the bell rings.

    Health and Safety: All injuries/accidents of any size must be reported to physical education teacher for the purpose of immediate first aid care. A parent must note any physical condition which could/would affect one’s performance, and the school nurse should be notified.

    Students who are asthmatic should have the proper documentation and medication on file with the school nurse and should take the needed medication prior to class. All other medical conditions should be documented and follow similar procedures.


    General Rules and Regulations for Physical Education:

    1. Gum, Candy, Food, Sodas, and glass items are not allowed in the gym/locker room.
    2. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the gym or locker room at any time during the class period. Cell phones need to be either locked in the student’s locker or put away with other personal belongings out of others reach.
    3. Running and general horseplay is not allowed in the dressing room or during class time.
    4. Students are Not required to take showers. If a student chooses to do so, please make proper arrangements with the coach and bring the necessary items such as towel, soap and shampoo.
    5. Students should remove all jewelry for safety reasons during the PE class. If your child chooses to wear jewelry during the PE class, it is at their discretion, however Coaches will not be responsible for any loss, damaged or injury to them or any other student.
    6. Failure to participate, the student will receive a 0 for their daily percentage in participation.
    7. Failure to dress out due to an injury or improperly dressed students will receive an alternate assignment.

    Students are expected to observe all rules in the student handbook. The above list of Rules and Regulations may affect the daily grade and can be added to, as the teacher deems necessary. Parents support is extremely important, and a parent call or other disciplinary actions may occur if students choose not to follow the rules.

    Please sign the acknowledgement form below. Keep the rules for your own records. Have your student return the bottom part of this form to their P.E. teacher. By signing, you are acknowledging rules and regulations set forth for Judson ISD, Middle school Physical education and health programs.

    Student Name and I.D.


    Student Medical concerns


    Parent/Guardian Cell/Contact Phone Number:


    Parent(S)/ Guardian(S) Name


    Parent(S)/Guardian (S) Email:


    Best method of contact:



    ___ I am accepting a lock  

    ___ I am declining a lock      

    Parent signature: _______________________________

    Student signature: ______________________________